Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru (Manu)

DoinGud, Founder

Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru (Manu) is the Founder of DoinGud, an NFT marketplace and social platform focused on the future of the creator and giving economies by bringing creators, brands, curators, collectors and social impact organizations together to support one another 
and become self-owned, self-governed and self-sustained.

Manu is an engineer, humanist, solarpunk, and optimist who believes 
 in humanity and its capacity to evolve and adapt for creating a more equitable future. Manu has led teams at multinational organizations, helped with the launch of multiple traditional and blockchain organizations, and is advising venture capitalists and angels.

After getting Covid, Manu founded, a social platform where those who need help can connect with those who can provide it. His current endeavor is to build the DoinGud ecosystem. His passion for innovation is coupled with a good sense of humor and great motivation. Manu is committed to creating tools that empower humanity.

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Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru (Manu)
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