We're a brotherly duo that's

designing, branding, and

building the companies

and brands of the future.

We create experiences through design.
Cryptonite is focused on ‘lifting the fog’ in Crypto, DeFi and Blockchain so more people can participate safely and effectively from a foundation of knowledge rather than FOMO.

Our mission is to bring high quality resources and greater awareness to the incredible technology of blockchain and how it can change lives for the better.
Hey! We're brothers (if you couldn't tell), Zach and Jason Francis.

Creating online experiences and building impactful brands has always been our forte.

And by leveraging and combing years of business development and strategy, design and brand expertise, and a passion for all things Web3, we created Cryptonite's Design and Branding subscriptions to guide and build the brands of the future.

What we do
(extremely) well.


UI & UX Design

Good design is stunning visual displays of emotion evoking copy, fonts, pictures, graphics, and colors. Combined it becomes the interface with how users interact with you but more importantly it creates the essence of your brand, tells a captivating story, shares your values and builds loyalty.

Great design starts there and adds intuitively graceful user experiences through story telling and interactive features that draw the user in.

Together, exceptional UI & UX Design creates a seam flow through your brands online presence while maintaining complete and natural accessibility, shares your values and aligns customers to your brand, and builds longterm loyalty.

Brand Identity

Just like individuals, every brand, whether by conscious intention or not, has an identity. Some are boring and unthoughtful. While some brand identities are contagiously attractive that act as a magnet to all who come in contact.

By developing a clear and concise brand identity, through establishing a brand voice, personality, ethos and values creates your brand position. This is summation of the brands identity and it shows the world who you are and what you stand for.


Webflow Websites

Stunning, responsive websites is no longer tied to deep pockets and ever lengthening timelines. With Webflow, we create responsive, online experiences for brands of all sizes.

By utilizing creative superpowers and the best design tools, we bring interactive and responsive websites to life in less time and for a faction of the cost.
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on quality
We create top-of-class resources, we give quality advice, we hire quality people, and we only partner with trusted brands that share our vision of bettering the industry efficiently, unbiasedly and honestly.
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The experience is
Our focus has always been to create intuitive and remarkable experiences for people. The experiences we craft are what we and our members truly value. At the end of the day, consistent extraordinary performance is what sets us apart.
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No false promises or endless shilling
We don't make ridiculous claims or promises to 100x your investments. Instead, we share top-of-class resources from industry experts to help you make educated decisions that turn into good investments.

Designing the brands of the future.

Today's consumers expect more. Your presence online should be more than words and pictures. It should be an experience.

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