Edmond Allmond

Vice President, Validation, UREEQA Inc.

BIOEdmond Allmond began his creative life as a prodigious classical musician, a solo and ensemble clarinetist and pianist.  He began his university studies much too early, at 10 years old under the guiding and innovative hand of Dr. Matt Doran, Dean of Music at Mt St Mary’s college. Allmond also excelled in advanced music studies in piano performance and composition through a special school at USC for gifted youth, a program that has since become the Coburn School of Music. Later in his young life he became an orchestral and choral conductor under the tutelage of Bogidar Avramov and Paul Salamunovich.

In his late teens and early twenties his interest in other styles of music lead him to informally study jazz with some of America’s modern greats, most notably Jon Lucien. He additionally immersed himself in the study of recording engineering with several renowned engineers including Alex Casanegras, and has a number of credits as an engineer and a producer.Always interested in the law as applied to the entertainment industry, he maintained studies as a side interest for years and did stints as a law clerk for several attorneys, including tort specialist Ted Yamamoto, Esq.In his early twenties, he started his first consultancy out of Yamamoto’s office in Los Angeles, focused on intellectual property protection for musicians. He has maintained that consultancy over the decades, assisting his clients and supporting their attorneys in retrieving or protecting millions of dollars in income.

His interest in digital rights management blossomed in the late eighties during his time consulting for his musical compatriots when he was not performing around the world, recording in studio, or coaching. Impatient with his education, he petitioned to enter the masters program for film composing at UCLA and was accepted. That education was followed by a year and a half at Sony Studios as one of the two last staff composers, working concurrently on music stem mixing, editing, effects editing, and sound design. At Sony Pictures (the former Columbia Studios, née MGM Studios), Allmond found success as part of the team that won an Academy Award for best sound editing in 1991 for Total Recall, under the leadership of Stephen Flick. Previously, he spent time at Motown records assisting with marketing, and learning more of the business of music.

After Sony, he spent time on the business side of music with Rhino Records and BMG, and on the business side of film with the reborn RKO Pictures, New World Pictures, and Paramount.He went on to Saban International, Power Rangers, VF Troopers, and other television postproduction fun.Breaking from live performance and studio work, he has found success as Director of Communications for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc, Director of Marketing for Sprint Telecom subsidiary Ringplus, as interim Membership Director of the Wiesenthal Center/ Museum of Tolerance, and as Chief Creative Officer for manufacturer Lyd, LLC. Allmond spent 10 years as President and founding member of EAC Enterprises, Inc, a live event production company that trusted him with one Superbowl, a PGA Championship, a World Championship of Golf event, an LPGA event, several seminal events for the County of Los Angeles, and numerous cutting-edge corporate events throughout the Western United States.He began to think of the integration of blockchain with his varied interests upon meeting and speaking with Brock Pierce after the creation of the Ethereum blockchain.

He worked to integrate blockchain solutions into the telecom business and has not looked back since. As a composer, director and editor he’s preferred small indie films and documentaries. Allmond completed 22 short biographies in 2019-2020 for a prominent mid-west museum. He has director credits for pilots for three separate television properties.In front of the camera, Edmond has worked as an on-screen pianist in a burgeoning number of television properties over the past 15 years, including NCIS, Desperate Housewives, Devious Maids, all seasons of Revenge, and Grandfathered, among many others.Allmond is a member of AFM and a past IATSE editor and engineer, and a member of ASMAC. He uses his creative wisdom and business acumen and keen knowledge of the business to lead the Validation side of UREEQA, Inc. as Vice President. UREEQA is focused on protecting the rights, the work, and the revenue of creators around the world.

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