Eathan Janney

Edge of NFT, Co-Host

Eathan is a polymath and edge explorer within multiple domains from music and art to science and entrepreneurship. He’s a university trained Jazz pianist that decided to take a class in neuroscience and ended up with a PhD in it.

He’s a traveler that moved to Peru not knowing anyone and left a year later having spoken with the country’s president. With a penchant for getting into the best kind of trouble he lives to serve and entertain others along the way.

His life's mission is to perform bold acts of creation that through their implausibility inspire a mass sense of duty to overcome fear and subdue violence.  

He’s co-host of the Edge of NFT podcast, which focuses on the top 1% of the NFT space, covering the most game-changing NFT projects, and speaking with industry leaders that are pumped about the NFT ecosystem and driving where it goes next.

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